M+P: ProjectI: Keywords

In the beginning, I struggled through to find keywords, and even more to brainstorm for ideas. I think I was hung up on the idea that I had to do a good job, that I was having a block. I found it difficult to erase images or references of other things – I kept thinking of images I saw online, or I was having no image at all, I wasn’t visualizing anything. In other words, I was stuck, I was stressed, therefore I wasn’t able to make progress. I kept relying on searches to look for how to represent images, but this gave me a limit to images I saw, rather than the ones I was relating to in my own head.

However, I went and talked to Professor Leland, and then came back with the idea that I should sketch to my terms, rather than those of another, to create an image, even if it is based on an image online.

I used pencil, charcoal, colour pencil, acrylic colour, wire, illustrator, and photography in this stage.

This is an example of me trying wire, but not being successful, and then changing to using pencil on black paper, which creates this effect where at some angles you can see, but at others you can’t see all of it.

BackgroundLayer 0

These are the images I created for this first part:




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