ImagingI: Finding Images



A            Quality – Architectural landscape photo

               Content – It is a picture taken at night, of a giant lamp sculpture lit up in front of a building

               Message – The environmental designers intend to entertain with a sophisticated sense of humor that reveals a story about the place. In this case, they have taken the Pacific Design Center that creates furniture, and created a massive lamp in the exterior space of the building. It reflects what the building’s function is in an intriguing way.

B            Persuasive 25%

               Poetic 0%

               Pragmatic 75%

C            Location – This is an image located in West Hollywood, California. It is entertained for viewers of this book, who are supposedly people interested in interesting environmental designs in Space.

            Era – Environmental design started in around the 1930s, with falling water as a famous example. But, such large-scale sculptures of such radiant colours seem more recent.

            Value – The value is to show a collection of the designer’s work. It also shows how sculptures relate to their environment.

Layer 1

A            Quality – Superimposed photograph

               Content – It is a wedding photo of a family of five, with one of the children being faded.

            Message – While they took a wedding photo, the family appears to have wanted to include their son, who had passed away six months prior to the wedding photo.

B            Persuasive 0%

               Poetic 50%

               Pragmatic 50%

C            Location – It is for the family to keep, as a keepsake. They are recalling memories and trying to include their passed son.

               Era – Superimposition started earlier, but such images that require a photoshop quality, I’d assume to have been created much later.

            Value – So that they could record a special event in their lives

Text as Image


A          Quality – An edited photograph of text as image

            Content – There is a foot cropped in the photograph, wearing heals that are made with type.

            Message – This is an advertisement for a sale, telling people that shoes are on sale.

B          Persuasive 79%

            Poetic 2%

            Pragmatic 19%

C          Location – This image is for the receivers or possible customers of Essere

            Era – Recent, 2010

            Value – For the advertisement of the brand


A          Quality – Text as image

            Content – There is half a v, connected to the image of two hands holding that complete the rest of the bottom half of the v.

            Message – It’s the idea of holding hands, represented as a letter. The connection of the point of the v, is changed as holding hands. It represents connection point.

B          Persuasive 0%

            Poetic 50%

            Pragmatic 50%

C          Location – This image may be used for the purpose of maybe as the start etter of the name.

            Era – The era is recent.

            Value – To explore the shape of the text and its relations with other objects.



A          Quality – Fantasy illustration

            Content – It is of Alice who is crying, next to other tiny things.

            Message – It is of her becoming smaller.

B          Persuasive 0%

            Poetic 40%

            Pragmatic 60%

C          Location – It is for children books

            Era – Children book illustration started much earlier, but this kind of illustration is something that was developed towards the mid-end of the 20th century, I believe.

            Value – It is used to tell a story


A          Quality – Cartoon Illustration

            Content – Of two sushi shape figures in the beach, using the sashimi as the mat.

            Message – It shows relaxation in a cute, funny way. 

B          Persuasive – 3%

            Poetic – 37%

            Pragmatic – 60%

C          Location – This image is for an audience that likes cartoon characters.

            Era – Current – Digital era

            Value – This image is made to be a T-shirt Design



A          Quality – Cartoon pattern

            Content – It uses images from marvel, but the comments and situations are about mail.

            Message – It is trying to say in a different way – to check the mail

B          Persuasive 30%

            Poetic 5%

            Pragmatic 65%

C          Location – Fans of marvel designs

            Era – When marvel was made.

            Value – To use as a package when sending mail.


A          Quality – Pattern repetitive, infinite

            Content – It is of an infinite Mega city

            Message – connotative

B          Persuasive – 0%

            Poetic – 10%

            Pragmatic – 90%

C          Location – Need of Gift Wrap

            Era – For some reason it reminds me of

            Value – To use as a gift wrap



A            Quality – Cartoon character gif

               Content – This is of a lion, that looks like a bear flat on the floor, with a green bottle that is spilled next to it.

               Message – It is a gif of this lion that cannot get up because their drunk. The green bottle is a very common alcohol drink in Korea – a cultural common.

B            Persuasive 0%

               Poetic 5%

               Pragmatic 95%

C            Location – This image is for a

               Era – Current, since the start of Kakaotalk

               Value – For communication purposes – it helps communicate a message in a visual format.


A          Quality – Color, sticker, Pictogram

            Content – It is a cat putting on mascara while looking at the mirror, and a fringe roll in the hair.

            Message – It is a common scene on how Korean girls get ready.

B          Persuasive – 0%

            Poetic – 15%

            Pragmatic – 85%

C          Location – It comes from the app called Kakaotalk, it is for Korean people

            Era – when Kakaotalk was developed

            Value – To describe something in a short way.


A          Quality – Meme

            Content – Image of a kitten that looks angry, and has its hands together

            Message – It is using the Kittens expression and position, and adding text, which is making the cat pray that the ‘enemies’ are destroyed.

B          Persuasive – 5%

            Poetic – 0%

            Pragmatic – 95%

C          Location – where did this image come for, who is it for?

            Era – time period

            Value – why was this image made


A          Quality – Meme photograph

             Content – Image of an angry face with text

             Message – It’s making a comment on how in graphic design, there is a lot of work, and fixing one thing has to edit many things.

B          Persuasive – 20%

            Poetic – 50%

            Pragmatic – 30%

C          Location – It is for the internet

            Era – Memes itself are very recent.

            Value – Visual communication to make a statement or a comment about something.


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