M+P Feedback and Definition

Then we went through to get feedback on our work.

I understood that at this stage that I had been misunderstanding what was happening. I was thinking that I had to find completely new images from the meaning keywords, but it didn’t really have to be.

When I reflect now, I think I was overthinking, I was stressing to make things non-personal, when they didn’t have to be. I thought that it was very important that all people understood the word behind the image, but it didn’t have to be – and it may as well be almost impossible for some images because of cultural references.

During the critique, we learned several things, we learned to think about everything within our image, that we shouldn’t be using very culturally charged objects, and that we shouldn’t continue to use the same type of media to create images.

We also were told to move on to create our own images, not using online images.

Then we began to discuss what it is we had to do. I was very lost during most of the time. We were told that we could use binary opposition, that we could talk about the cultural agreement, facts, or function of the object, that we could use a thesaurus… there were so many other things or options we could go about it by. We were told to just simple start making in different directions – which ever direction that may be.

It only actually made sense when I talked to Professor Leland towards the end of the class, about how the me, you, us, and them, worked.



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