M+P Second Diverging Stage: Progress in Definition

Progress for definition

I began working to brainstorm. I found definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for each of the 20 keywords, so that I could diverge more.


I scribbled the expansion on top of existing images of each word to make it easier and non repetitive.



I tried not to worry at all and kind of just visualise whatever came to mind and scribble it down or draw a quick sketch. Then I began to consider why I was using a certain material.

I had much more fun making images this time – I tried to keep in mind that I was diverging – so I let myself free in going super far or very close. I began to just make what comes to mind.

There was also a sense of diversification of use of materials – silver, cutting, string, white foam, and manicure.

I ended up making 30 images, I would’ve liked to make more, but I needed at least three hours of sleep… Either way, I quite liked the images I made this time. I enjoyed making all of them too! My art project got to be painted with manicure, and I used my gel nail drying machine to dry it.


These were the results:

BackgroundLayer 0

I particularly liked the 3D models:

Layer 1 Layer 2Layer 3

After the critique

Today, we looked at each other’s images, which were a lot more diversified than last time, as was mine.

Now, I didn’t really get that this part was about just the process of making a whole bunch of things, that I kept thinking about what is a good image. The discussion really helped me to digest that I don’t need to determine this already, or even have the ability to. Therefore, I just decided to keep making.


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