TypeI: ProjectI: Process & First Critique

When we first got the task, I had no idea what to expect, I was very lost, and very stressed. I didn’t know how to go about it, nor did I know where this was going. This was the point of course, to make us go through this process of figuring out the problem and the solution. However, at this point I felt very lost!

Either way, in this situation, I began to work just by throwing some letters together, I tried this and that, to see where what took me. I realized that the point of the task was to find the points that made each letter the letter it was. Of course, this was a thought I had, but one that wasn’t very clear.

I looked for these crops, because I found that we needed to supersize the letters to make it fill much of the box, which sometimes or many times lost the quality of the letter. Therefore, I started this system underneath, of boxing out parts of the letters that needed to be shown for it to be the letter.





I tried developing a method, because I didn’t seem very successful at just throwing random letters together, so I decided to analyse the letters, by drawing square blocks around all the points I felt was the minimum I had to show of a letter, for it to be the letter.


These are some of the works I did in the beginning:

Layer 0






I’m not really sure I used this to its fullest potential at this point, but I did evidently try something.


After the first critique and second class, we learned that we all did everthing wrong.

  • First, there was the problem with creating a 50/50, which I was struggling with in seeing.
  • Second, we were supposed to make letters be 50/50 with using the letters itself being halves. – I found this very difficult, personally, because you really had to examine the letters and there were so many fonts too, which made me very confused.

However, one thing that I got right was how I did one letter black/positive and another letter white – not really using negative space though.

This is what I particularly did wrong in this part, was how I made one letter evidently smaller than the other, only showing the shape through the negative part created by the second letter on the big black letter.



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