Imaging I: Learning about images

What have I learned about images?

Everything about learning images is something very new for me, or rather it’s something I’ve never had to categorise in its type, the message it conveys, the kind of image it is and so forth.

Mainly, I was fascinated by how there are somewhat infinite kinds of categories in images. I think this way because things can always be added, for example digital illustration would’ve been added some way along the way, and even most recently, memes are a good evidence. Memes have made a new category for the category of images.

Also, I enjoyed learning the parts of an image that communicates, like dividing it into the persuasive, poetic, pragmatic. However, this also meant that there are many things that one needs to consider when looking at and analysing an image. This becomes particularly important because that means that I have to be the one creating an image that has considered all the aspects of denotative, connotative, as well as whether it is persuasive, poetic, or pragmatic. This makes me overwhelmed with how much thought would have to go into an image, or what images can signify, depending on small changes in aspects like colour, context, time period, or culture.


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