TypeI: ProjectI: Final Processes

Fourth Critique

This time, while I was working, for the first time I could sense that I was having some fun with this project. I still found it very difficult, but I think I began to appreciate and understand how the letters come together a lot more than before.

I had to redo a lot of what I did last time. Again, I just used previous cropping that I had achieved, that made sure that the letter shows all parts needed for it to be this letter:


I think this time, as I’ve been more exposed to the letters, it was relatively better to work with letters. I was more efficient in finding letters.

Also, I found that I was having these random pops of thoughts of what would go together, and even during dinner, I would have to go and write them down then come back, so I wouldn’t’ lose the thought.

Sometimes combinations just worked out, when they weren’t calculated, this was the best feeling! I think this was possible because of Law’s suggestion – with the placing one letter inside a square box that showed all necessary qualities, then placing another. When I did this with the m, and then placed different letters until I got the س to work, it was the greatest feeling when it clicked!

After I collected enough that I liked, I separated documents for latin/latin, latin/arabic, and arabic/arabic, so I could be more focused on what I was doing.

This is my working progress for latin/latin:


This is my working progress for latin/arabic:


This is my working progress for arabic/ arabic:


I really began to like working with Arabic/Arabic. Of course there were many limits, caused by the thin shapes and extreme spaces between the body and the indicating dots. Therefore, there were limitations on which shapes worked better.

As you can see, I begin to play around with each of them several times, until I get, or think I got the 50/50, the aesthetic, and the recognition down. Sometimes, I didn’t see something, until I ask somebody else. So I think I’ve learnt that I need to do this more often, like I did this time, more so or maybe it’s the only time I asked my peers much at all, about my work. It helped a lot, to know their thoughts, and to get a set of eyes that hasn’t looked at it before.

One example that I want to talk about, as an example is my editing of this G and Q combination:


I think this includes all the things I had to go through this time. I kept fine tuning through scaling, changing typefaces, boldness’s, shifting, and reflecting.

I felt that I was quite successful in the results this time, in comparison to before. My peers also liked the aesthetics, but at times they found letter recognition difficult, as did the professors. I just chose away from those, or tweaked some to make it better.

Also, I think I learned to “throw away” an idea if it didn’t work, though I really wanted to make it work, because of the fit. Sometimes, it just didn’t work for all the three – aesthetic, 50/50, and recognition. These are two I liked the aesthetics of, but had to put off because of the 50/50 particularly:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.51.58 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.51.41 PM

I came in today quite happy, but for some reason, as soon as we begin talking I lose all confidence whatsoever in what I was doing. I think it’s because I generally always have one or two that are criticized, it makes me think that I’m doing everything wrong. It’s not that I take these critiques personally, as I try to depersonalize me from my work, because I understand why Professor law says this is important. It’s just that I think I begin to overthink about how I should improve what I’ve done and get overly worried. It’s something that’s been a personality trait.

These were my works today:


I think that overall I came out of class feeling quite happy about my work. I selected the 9 to use, after fine tuning. I actually had to many, so I had the happiness of selecting between the existing ones that worked better.

I began to fine tune the G and the Q, to make sure the tail of the Q was clearer. I edited the A and the C, so that the overlap wasn’t creating tiny unwanted spots. I made sure that there were no small unaware spaces.

A and C:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.54.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.54.41 PM (This shows the unwanted tiny spots)

This is one that I had to debate the aesthetics of:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.56.15 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.59.08 PM

Especially the bit of the leg of the K that goes \, I had to wonder if it clashed with the arabic letter, but in the end I asked Leland, and we concluded that this was enough of an angle difference, that it wouldn’t be treated as a mistake or an unconsidered aspect.



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