M&P: ProjectI: Third Diverging

This time I felt I had gotten the hand of building images, it came more easy to me. I found it interesting to think about using different materials.

I went about it in two ways:

  1. I had an idea then thought about how to make it
  2. I collected some interesting materials, then thought about whether it would fit into my work

This is my notes, I had all the pages from the last time took notes on them, with the definition and synonyms written on them, so that I could diverge from there. I then made a separate list, as seen in this image:


I felt the second one was extrapolated slightly, but it also gave an interesting twist and added features to my work, which was interesting in that it added and additional bit of spontaneity.

At this point, I felt like I was somewhat getting lost in a whole bunch of connections amongst each of the images. I was drawing out so many ideas that I had become very lost in which image represented exactly what that it needed some thought before I drew it out.



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