Tye1: ProjectI: Final Touches

Today I completed all the fine touches, so that I wouldn’t have to be rushed on the morning of the day.

This process took a much longer time than I expected, just because there were so many tiny mistakes that were made during the process. As much as it is the first project that we were submitting, I felt it was very important to fix all of these problems as much as I could.

1. These were the issues I faced:There was the main problem of playing with the intention vs. unintentional cuts of the shapes. This last bit was somewhat very tedious – to play around with making non-unintentional marks, and making sure that shapes were never kissing, either in or out!

4 5 3 2 1

2. We had the problem of not noticing things on the computer that I noticed when it was printed. It was so interesting how mistakes and boogers were so easily captured wh
en blown into this 20×20 size. Sometimes there was even a different reproduction from the computer to the printing.

3. Third, the printer had weird ink problems for some of them, it left marks like these


4. The paper would cry when I glued right onto the A4 plain paper, and at this time I didn’t have paper at university, and only at home so I was in panic


5. I also had some issues with cutting – I had to throw basically all of the first ones because of the exacto knife, I noticed it after, but the screw was loosened and wouldn’t tighten fully, so even if it was sharp, the knife was going wobbly.




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