TypeI: ProjectI: Final Reflection

I came into uni again to come fix and post on Tuesday night, but before I left, I saw this tiny part that bugged, me but thought it would be okay. However, it bugged me throughout the night, so I came in early in the morning to come fix tithe small kind of angle at the top.


This was a photo of all nine of my works:


These are some extras that I still thought were close, which I chose to print and cut:


In the end I was very satisfied with my work. I felt as though I had all three aesthetic, 50/50 and recognition down. It was just that sometimes it was a bit difficult to recognise the letter, or a bit too much black or white 55/45- which I tried my best to fix. Therefore, using this criteria, I liked my work!

I thought about how to place my 9, in terms of eye-flow. But I understood that this wasn’t as important, just because this won’t be played out like this when looked at – it would be looked at as a class.

Today, in the last class discussion, we talked about how this project let us view letters as forms and shapes. We also talked about how this high contrasts, provides for interesting shapes and flows from one to another.

I felt that I learnt a lot from this project. Like professor Law said, we learned experience. When I think back to what we did and the progress to get here, I’m amazed. It’s weird for me, how I don’t really know how I learned it, but somehow I know it now. The process of trying different ways after listening to critiques interestingly helped me learn a lot.

I really felt that this was a great learning experience, and being able to see and feel that I’ve learned something was amazing. It was something I had never seen so clearly before. I always felt like I was doing something for the sake of doing it, or even if there was a reason, I wasn’t sure I was learning all that much. But in this class I felt as though I was learning visual qualities, how to analyse letters, and I saw my development. I felt very frustrated, but this frustration came because I was trying to reach for something, and not because I had no clue what was happening. I think all the critiques and talking about why we’re doing what we’re doing, really helps me to understand and be more motivated to do well, not for the sake of grades, but also for the sake of learning.

The fact that I had such a great learning experience in this class made me excited for what is to come in this class.


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