DesignTech: Shapes and Scans

These are the images we created after the first scans.

At first we were told to create these different designs using these shapes. Therefore everyone went crazy to make different designs that very very complex:


We were then asked to use no techniques, use exactly three shapes, you could use thickness and negative vs. positive, but no transparency either. This made it harder somewhat, but I think it was also somewhat more interesting.


Then, we went onto a discussion in class, about how our work was very complex, but it didn’t need to be. We also talked about the shapes that were unaccounted for, such as the ones created by putting two shapes together – why aren’t they considered as using three shapes? I did consider this, but honestly I ignored it, because I felt as though that would’ve made my job so much more difficult.

However, it was interesting to think about these things. As well as how simple and therefore somewhat easy this could’ve been if we hadn’t all tried to go crazy with it. Simplicity has its merits!



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