TypeI: ProjectII: Finding Definitions of 20 words

In the beginning, we looked for definitions and synonyms and quotes of the word, both in English and Arabic. I found it somewhat very stressing in the beginning because of the Arabic. However, just because I understand the why behind it, it helped me to appreciate this process.

It was a somewhat tedious process, but I found some of the word origins interesting, for example:

  • Early 19th century (in the sense ‘stimulate by electricity’) from French galvanizer (see galvani luigi)
  • Denoting the two days in each month which in medieval times were believed to be unlucky, from Anglo-Norman French dis mal, from medieval Latin dies mali ‘evil days’
  • Latin Ornatus ‘adorned’ (make more beautiful or attractive: pictures and prints adorned his walls)

english_definition (English Definitions)

I had to bother Reham through finding the definitions. I tried to make it easier for Reham, so that she wouldn’t have to look for it each time by trying to google translate, and finding the definition I thought was close.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand closely, because I thought I just had to get the alternate definitions for the words, not the actual Arabic definition for the word. Therefore, I had to go back to ask here for which one was correct out of the definitions.

arabic_definitions (Arabic Definitions)


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