TypeI: ProjectII: Choice of Words

Then we chose our word 5 sets of words, to work through different types.

In the beginning we worked through different types.

I started with the Arabic word, because I felt I could adjust the English word, more than I could the Arabic word, I decided to look at a selection of Arabic words that I liked, and then the set of English words.

I found that later, the meaning of the English words were weaker somewhat, but it helped to look at word origin and synonyms and I felt that gave me enough broadness to work with.


These were the 10 words, 5 pairs I had chosen for these reasons:

I kept falling in love with the same word in both Arabic and English, as you can see.


حَيَويَّة: I was interested in how this word has the definition in Arabic that is related to chemistry and biology – based on the idea of living life. Euphoric is actually intense excitement.

Miserable: It is the paired word

Concept: I was thinking it would be interesting to show the word miserable, with a material that best represented life and virtue and fertility, aka “good things.”



  • الشَّقَاءُ : العُسْرُ والتَّعَب (being tired)
  • الشَّقَاءُ : الشِّدَّة والمِحْنَةُdifficult or struggle in your life
  • الشَّقَاءُ : الضَّلالlost or not in the correct path

In the english it doesn’t have this idea of being tired or being lost. It’s more about this idea of being dreadful in english.

Euphoric: Firstly, I really wanted to use this word just because of the way it sounds. When I did more research, I felt that the word itself lent itself to interesting quotes or rather usages. E.g. Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria (Calvin and Hobbs Collection) – I loved that it came out of this book – one of my childhood memories.


  • تَقاعَسَ عَنِ القِيامِ بِعَمَلِهِ : تَهاوَنَ ، تَأَخَّرَ عَنْهُ: being late to do work/lazy
  • تَقاعَسَ الفَرَسُ : لَمْ يَنْقَدْ لِقائِدِهِ: horse who didn’t follow his leader

I felt as though, this was a translation that was somewhat awkward. Because it felt very different. Therefore, I was interested to find out more.

Concept: Euphoric made with a material that represents mismatch.


I really enjoyed both words in this series.




  • وَرُؤَسَاءُ الحُكُومَاتِ أصْحَابُ السَّعَادَةِ: in a big position: highness
  • سَعَادَة : فرَحٍ ، ابْتِهَاجٍ ، أيْ كُلُّ مَا يُدْخِلُ البَهْجَةَ وَالفَرَحَ عَلَى النَّفْسِ: being happy, cheerful, anything that bring happiness



  • The dismals: low spirits
  • The dismal science: economics


  • Denoting the two days in each month which in medieval times were believed to be unlucky,from Anglo-Norman French dis mal, from medieval Latin dies mali ‘evil days’

I’m interested in the bolded meaning for dismal.



  • دُقّة : تَوابِلُ وَما خُلِطَ بِها مِنَ الأَبْزارِ fine spices: grinding it to powder
  • يُجيبُ بِدِقَّةٍ مُتَناهِيَةٍ : بِضَبْطٍ وَإِحْكامٍ وَعِنايَةٍ يَمْتازُ عَمَلُهُ بِالدِّقَّةِoriginal meaning: working with care, exact


I like this idea of mistakes

  • the maps were notoriously inaccurate: inexact, imprecise, incorrect, wrong, erronesous, faulty, imperfect, flawed, defective, unsound, unreliable, full of holes



  • Lasting for a very short time


  • Move or pass quickly
    • Pass (time) rapidly
    • Fade away; be transitory



Bitter in english has a lot of different meanings, though the same connotation:

  • Having a sharp, pungent taste or smell not sweet e.g. chocolate dark and unsweetened
  • (People or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one’s bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment e.g. full of anger and acrimony
  • Painful or unpleasant to accept or contemplate: today’s decision has come as a bitter blow
  • (Of wind or weather) intensely cold


  • Beer that is strongly flavored with hops and has a bitter taste. A pint of bitter.
  • Alcohol flavored with bitter plant extracts used as an additive in cocktails or as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion.


  • Source of sweet: حَلاَوَة : مصدر حَلوَ
  • Fabric – thin or light حلاوة النَّسيج : رقَّته
  • Soul – good soul and kind: belief حلاوة الإيمان : الراحة النفسيّة التي يجدها المؤمنُ في قلبه

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