TypeI: ProjectII: Material Exploration and Class Critique


Then, we began to work with materials!


In the beginning, we worked through different materials. I really enjoyed this part, because I was just kind of playing with material. My craft was clearly terrible, but unlike the last time, I decided to not be too stressed at this part.

I decided to trust in what the professors told us, and to just look at different materials, think about what could be interesting as an image. I also thought about manipulation of the material. I felt it was important to just look at what different materials were capable of. Because that was what this project was about – learning material. At least that’s what I had understood from the class exemplar and discussion when the professors showed us and talked to us about the posters on the wall.

Therefore, I just went home and looked around my house to see what would be interesting. I tried bread, chocolate, wax, ketchup, fabric, and pins.

dbreadmaterial dchocolatematerial

I tried carving through some foods, to see how it would turn out.

dflowermaterialdpinsmaterial material_fabric

And the miscellaneous tries…

dismalketchupmaterial dkechupmaterial

I tried ketchup,


I also had to research some for this part, about how to make this D, because I wanted to try  and make it by origami paper, because I thought it would be challenging but interesting.

waxmaterial woosmoke

When the smoke spread after I blew the candle out, I thought that was also interesting, and thought about how I could consider that for the project – a kind of fleeting material. I think this was nice about me not being stressed, is that I was seeing more and valuing more options.

In the next class, we had a discussion about the things we brought into class. The main things I noted from this class was about how the material should completely make the word and how we have to really understand and fully make the typeface, not just somewhat letter-like visuals.


This made it clearly much more difficult. However, I was excited somewhat to create and really master a material.


However, this excitement was murdered when I tried to work out a concept.

When we began starting with the project, and I looked up more about the word dismal, there was nothing that really excited me to start on ideas. I was getting stuck on myself on ideas. Therefore, at this part, I struggled and felt very depressed – just like the meaning of the word.

I talked to Leland at this point where I myself was confused, so I felt the feedback made me even more confused. I learned that the project needed more thought than I had been thinking.

It helped me to reconsider and think through my idea and concepts. I decided to revisit looking up about the word dismal. I found it’s definition for lost, shadowy, evil days – dias mia.


I felt the word was very difficult to explain in a creative way. But then I kept talking through it in my head and asked peers around me about my ideas.

Then I talked again to Law and confirmed several ideas to go through, after I did some more research about what the word could be made of by meaning.

The materials I first intended to experiment was with:

  • Shadow: the idea that shadow is related to a negative dark state
    • This was a suggestion, and I looked up if words would be possible (though the left one wouldn’t really work, for this project, because the word looks not exact to a typeface.


  • Christmas lights on transparent paper
  • Rice – picnic where inside the lunch box is happy and cute, and the outside has a cut finger, some blood, knives (the dismal process of bad cooking)
  • Ketchup – the idea of McDonals Happy meal not being so cheerful, but rather dismal to your health
  • Maze – Law suggested a hedge maze: the idea that best represents the idea of being in a dismal state of feeling lost




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