M&P: ProjectI: Process of Converging

For the first class, we were asked to bring in at least one of each. I tried to create some images of all three.

While I made the green present box and other objects later on in the process, I researched what colors I should use to describe the word. In this case it was anticipation. So, At first I searched for the color for anticipation, and then I looked at several colors of ribbons that I had with me, and I liked the meaning behind the black, because it meant mysterious and unknown. I felt that this fit well with the idea of anticipation for something that will occur in the future.

screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-10-27-59-pm screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-10-27-19-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-06-at-10-27-43-pm

I had made some images for the class that came right after, so that I may get some feedback.

However, I think I got very confused in the process. Therefore, during class I realised I was thinking about something completely wrong.


We had a class discussion, and I got some suggestions on how to make a circle:

  • People holding hands in a circle
  • 2(pie)r (mathematical equation)

It was interesting to see how people would think so differently about the same thing.

Then I went to create a list of over 50 possible things. At first, I wrote down a list of about 60 words that I collected from the previous diverging stages.

Then with these in mind, I wrote down a word, what the image will be of, the material, and which category I thought it fit into. Sometimes I wrote the list without writing the material or the category, because I had to think about it, but I thought it was good to get it all down.


These are some images that I researched to help me to come up with the list.


Also another thing to note was my research of symbols at this stage. I looked for symbols for many or almost all of the words, to see if I could get some interesting results. Some of the images I found and transferred into an image include:


This symbol is anam cara, which means soul friend, which was perfect in meaning for my project. So I was very excited to find it.

I tried some media exploration, that didn’t really work, this is one of them:



The image I probably spent somewhat wasted time with was the cats with odd eyes, because I wasn’t really thinking. I spent about an hour on the first two cats because the fur and the face of the cat looked off, but then I realised it was better not to draw the body at all, because the focus of the image was on the eyes. Therefore, I gave enough to make it a cat, but not everything. As the word was odd.



I had some issues and trials with using a certain material to create another form. This was one example where I wanted to conform to the form of the notes, but which didn’t really work out, because the notes were too big and boxy. It would’ve probably worked if I went on a bigger scale, but that seemed to go too large, so I decided to cut out the pieces into the shape of the note.


Then, after I created all the images, I decided to take photographs of all of them and print them for class.

Taking photos took a longer time than I expected, but it paid off when I was trying to make the posters. I was particularly having trouble with focusing, as many of my objects were very small. Also because I lack experience with the camera, it made it more difficult. I also realised that I was struggling on the floor to take photos, when I could’ve worked in an elevated space.


These were the images I took for this stage.


I think in this process, I kept asking myself why would I use that? Is there a better image?

This made it infinitely difficult, but I enjoyed the process.



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