M&P: ProjectI: Refined Images Discussion

After we came back from break:

We had created the refined images. Then we sat in class to discuss the images that we created in order to reduce them to 10-12 images.

When my turn came, I felt that people were more interested in the visual effect of most images, and I think the images that came to mind when we were told about selectively choosing were the ones that people wanted me to use. However, I did add one or two that I personally felt I needed or wanted for the poster.


  1. Green present = Anticipation
  2. Earphones = Tangled
  3. Green Eye = Envy
  4. Infinity sign = Always
  5. Pins = Odd
  6. Shift Key = Shift
  7. Stain of Tea Bag = Influence/Stain
  8. “Candy” made of sugar = Sweet
  9. Teared paper = Scratch
  10. Metal Dented = Dent
  11. Scroll = Record
  12. Straw arrow = Future

Then we began to develop a poster or rather a sketch for one. We were shown examples, which made me feel somewhat more lost, because they seemed to generally have this very illustrative quality, which my work did not. One main thing I learned was the cohesiveness of the posters images, which I felt was very important.

When we were told to make these posters I thought I understood at first, but then when I tried to picture something, I was getting nothing. I wasn’t able to put the pictures together. Therefore, I began to try and figure out a way to put images together. In other words, I began to scribble down concepts and ideas or linkages for which images I would use, why I would use them, and in what kind of general format.

However, for some reason my mind began to sink and I was having trouble picturing and I was getting confused if I was supposed to develop a concept, and whether it had to be a very literal translation of the ring. What I understood from the discussion of the task was that we could talk about the learnings or findings from the research, for some reason this was more interesting to me, so I decided to develop along these lines. However, I learned that this was a very different approach to everyone else, so I began to think I was doing something wrong.

Therefore, I went to Leland and asked for advice. Things began to get clearer, because we were talking about using posters that worked with layout – while using FPOs or that we could develop a concept, and that we didn’t necessarily have to work on both together, though that is a widespread belief.

Therefore, I began to work on my concepts or ideas.

This was some part of my ideation:


Firstly, my idea was based on how there was an “us” and a “them” about this ring. Therefore, I thought about putting the us inside of the boundaries of the ring and the them on the outside of the boundaries:


Secondly, I thought about how people’s perspectives can always change. For example, I used to believe that friendships could never go so deep or I’d imagine I’d be a “them” in believing friendship rings were stupid, but this changed as I met someone that is my “soulfriend.”


Thirdly, I used the idea of keyboards, because one of my ideas was “shift,” and I had an image of the keyboard for this word. Therefore, I filled each keyboard with something that is in a state of change, for example, a physical change being melting, an emotional change being envy. Then, I also put the always sign in the “Ctrl” keyboard, which was the idea that you cannot control “always.” Everything is valid for change.


For my last idea, I derived at it when I was thinking about the idea of change and perspective. I believed that perspectives and everything were so interchangeable and that no one aspect of something played individually. Therefore, I decided to create this image:



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