Design Tech (5 Weeks Progress)

Experimenting with physical/digital techniques and effects

We were told to make 100 images, and we each chose 15 to print in the end. It helped us to explore the method of scanning – scanner, phone app, as well as the materials to create marks.



We then learned about cropping images, as people all used very circular systems, cropping helped make images look more different to each other.

background-1 background-2

Creating abstracted minimal shapes and systems

This was very difficult, but it didn’t need to be. It was all about creating a system of simplicity. I felt it made me realize even more that simple is not always bad, that students overcomplicate things, and that a ways of working is even better to develop.

layer-2 layer-3

Drawing real life objects/iteration of objects


At first I was distressed, because I’m not very good or familiar at using software, but I had a lot of fun in the end. I felt that when we tried to use shapes, instead of using the pen tool from beginning to end, it made me realize that everything is fundamentally started as a simple shape.

Creating your own abstracted avatar

This was fun as I just had to stare at my face and think about what’s unique about it. I tried to think of my face in simple shapes, and that’s how I developed the avatar. I tried to simplify as much as possible, using circles, triangles, and arced lines.

Transforming digital drawing to physical spaces

Our group at first worked together to brainstorm ideas:


Main Ideas:

  • Illusion pattern and falling pieces
  • Pointillism
  • Zodiac – as pointislism
  • Pixelation

After our discussion, I began to draw sketches of parts that we could each create.

We were the pixlies, so we tried for the most part to create images that had this pixelation kind of effect. Meaning works used shapes to create the total image. Though, the last idea was based on stars and constellations.

Reflection and Moving Forward


Now, we are going to work on the image seen. I will made some adjustments so that the tiles don’t come off short, also I will match the lines with the squares. Otherwise, we will go onto painting the work on the fabricated wall. I think it would be interesting to see it all up there, and if we could create some kind of a flow between all the seven group designs.

I think design tech has been very fun and interesting up to now, because of the somewhat spontaneous quality of it. I enjoy experimenting with different materials.  I always thought that I was aware that complexity wasn’t always good, but I realized that I was looking and searching for complexity when I was doing the work. I was surprised and I think I recognize that I should fix this. Therefore, I think I am starting to learn the importance of strategy, or systems through this class.


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