M&P: ProjectI: Creating the A3 Poster

The next task was to create one A3 poster of the chosen work. So I began to actually work on how these images could be put together.


I decided to scan all of my objects so that I would work with better files. I had already taken good quality images, but they had saved as jpeg, because I had opened them with photos. Therefore, I had to retake some images that I needed, which was quite annoying. But, because of the nature of the poster I luckily needed many scans.


At this point I had continued with this idea of entanglement. I pushed forward to make this image now visually interesting.

Also, I tried to compare text to see what seemed to fit.


Therefore, I worked with various different images of the earphones being tangled, and working them together in different ways, to see which one was most effective or interesting to look at, these are some of the experimentation:

I found that there was no real reason to use red earphones, because it didn’t really add that much to the message. I was just trying to address the problem of the general mood of black and white images in my work.

I tried to make the lines appear to go into the keyboards and out from this point:

layer-3 → layer-2

I was having to edit each wire line so that it wouldn’t cover the keys or small squares of images.


I then played around with composition and how I could get the viewers attention, as well as keep them entertained by moving their eyes around the page. I tried different positioning of keys, adding text changing the direction of objects, and scaling.

I kept feeling like my work was too busy for one reason or another, so I tried quite a different idea with using the words and keys as a crossword puzzle concept:



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