M&P: ProjectI: Creating A1 Poster

After this, I decided to make the poster of the entanglement. It was preferred by many people. Many people were divided on whether they preferred the white or stained background. So I decided to ask for the professors advice, and decided on the white one. I think this especially made sense because one thing that hit me hard in this discussion was that we were almost “scared of empty space.” Which wasn’t the case for me, but the background was making the poster very busy, it felt more like noise.

So then I got rid of the background, and began fiddling with the position of the wire, and it’s relationship with the keyboards. The first idea that started me with this position of the wire being above, instead of  below, was because of the shift key’s arrow point up. So I thought it would be an interesting visual direction to move the eye around. I also tried to create larger differences in scale.


I was working to make sure the white bits were gone, which took a lot of time, to do it properly, without squiggly lines that were being produced by the wand tool, which I just didn’t use.

I had a problem at this point, in that the collective entangled images on the left seemed to be a separation to the images on the right. It felt like it wasn’t going together.

At first I tried to change the position of the text, and add some more wire, but I felt there was still something off about it.


This was when I tried adding a paragraph in, instead of words. I went online and looked at a whole bunch of quotes to choose an interesting one. At this point I chose a quote about color, because I thought it made an interesting contrast with what was seen on the A1 poster, which had a lack of color.


This is me comparing opacities, and changing the rectangular line in the middle of the two sets of words. I felt the image without opacity changes was better therefore.


This was the poster I printed, after I added the rings in in different places.





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