M&P: ProjectI: Editing A1 Poster

In class today, we did a criticism session of all posters. After I took the notes, I organized the elements, into these sections:

  1. Consistency: Make it flat or 3D
    1. Depth: Create depth for keyboards
    2. Perspective: Top view or side view, make it the same
  2. Clarity: Relationship between word and images unclear, object unclear
  3. Color: Not enough
  4. Earphones
    1. Remove earphones – collides with hook
    2. Too tangled
  5. Digital Craft:
    1. Rings light grey remains
    2. Earphones white remains
  6. Typeface: Choose different
  7. Placement:
    1. Make the list of keywords as separate words
    2. Don’t place always symbol on the i of shift
  8. Reflection: Create reflection on word shift

After we played the game for criticism, I began to panic a bit. So I went to talk to Leland again, I feel as though I might bother him too much, but I asked about how much I needed to do more.

When Law said that this would be the time that we needed the most fixing, I was lost, because I had been thinking that my poster was almost there. So I thought that there was something wrong with my opinion of my poster.

However, as I discussed my poster, I began to calm down. The discussion was about:

  • Change the paragraph so that people understand what the image is about when they read it.
  • Create new key words if needed
  • Change position of words, or maybe change the list of words so that it wouldn’t look like the left and right sides don’t look like a flow of words

After this day of critiques, I organized my personal thoughts about the poster, and what to do:

  • I realized I had mixed so many meanings and concepts in my head that the message of the poster wasn’t clear. So I plan to research key words again, as well as write the paragraph myself that was more clearly relevant to my design.
  • My doubt on changing the dot of the i to the infinity sign, was confirmed: Leave the letters as the letters
  • Clean up digital craft
  • Create shadows
  • Create consistent perspective
  • Change Shapes of keys, so that they are less round, to better reflect the shape of the keyboard keys.

I then went on to look at words and their meanings, as well as synonyms, to look for more appropriate words to communicate the meaning more directly.


I also wrote a paragraph with at least some of the keywords in it. And I rewrote several times, to make sure the connection of text to images were clearer, and to make the visuals make sense to the audience.


Then I went on to work on details:


I found the ring color to be somewhat distracting, because it appeared pink in the poster, so I went back and edited this.


I began fine tuning all the small bits and pieces that were sticking out.


Here I removed the Orphan or the Widow?


This is me creating the shape of the keys so that it was more like the typing keys.


I then played with the position of the objects and text.


I tried changing the position of the infinity sign and getting rid of the big shift and changing the color of the list of words.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-2-59-32-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-2-59-19-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-2-59-45-pm

However, I felt this paragraph style worked better. So then I began to play with how I could place the individual words in a more interesting manner.


Then lastly, I added shadow, and adjusted some scale of the keys.

This is a comparison of before and after of the A1 Posters. Like this, it doesn’t really look like much has changed, but I felt that the main thing I did was clean up and pay attention to much more details.


This was my final posting!



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