TypeI: ProjectII: Choosing Final Word

Then we had to choose our word. For me this was very difficult. I realized that I shouldn’t have had chosen all five words based on the Arabic definitions, because I realized that maybe the English version wouldn’t have as much variation to work with. I was going to try to work with Arabic to face a challenge, but I was confused in what to choose because I don’t really understand fully the connotation of the word.I realized I was thinking too much, so, I looked through the English words again, and found that I was suddenly attracted to the word origin of dismal being dies mal (evil days), marking two days of the month that were believed to be unlucky in the medieval days.

Then, I began to compare the different typefaces, to see what would work with the meaning I was trying to convey. I spread out the 10 different versions of the word dismal to look at which one worked best.


These are the last two that I came up with. I chose these two because they were the lightest typefaces, and this was the opposite of the meaning of dismal. I wanted to create the opposition because I felt it would create a more interesting image.


I debated the Bembo typeface because I wanted to try creating the serifs because I thought it would be a good experience. I especially wanted to try it because Law said to us to not avoid the serifs because the san serifs looked easier, because the serifs may look more appealing.

However, I just really liked the diamond of the Fedra Sans, because a diamond is more bright and shine, like a sparkle kind of feeling, which plays in opposition to the word meaning, I felt. Therefore, I decided to go with the Fedra Sans.

And then I realized that I unknowingly like Fedra Sans, because I chose it for my Methods and Processes poster, and am using it again for this project. It was unintentional because I didn’t know which font what which. This was also very interesting.


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