M&P: ProjectI: Final Editing and Printing

In the final critique before submission, I got the following advices and began to fix them.

I had printed out several trials of colored backgrounds because of a critique about lack of color earlier, but the conclusion amidst some disagreement was that white worked better. I also felt that putting color was somewhat arbitrary, as there wasn’t any specific reason for choosing these colors and adding a background. I did not print the backgrounds from the works I made, because that was way too busy.


There was also a discussion on text placement. I learned that it is not good to have dots at the end, because it creates a visual indent in the end of the paragraph. Therefore, I was advised to switch the text to be left oriented.


Then we talked about text clarity, the influence was covered, and when I tried to put it below the key, it felt too close to the always symbol, so I decided to shift it left. Also, I moved the words out of the shadow, as it caused problems of legibility.


Then we come to my favorite stage of printing. We heard that the printing in VCU was darkening the color, so we thought to try xerox in the student center. However, it turned out as the image on the left. Therefore, I had to print again at VCU, which produced much better color production – close to the screen image.


I also realized I might have been stupid for not creating a mark for the corners, as my corners are white, I learned after I printed that margins could be inserted? Therefore, I had to tape and fix it perfectly straight to the mat, to make sure it cuts straight.


Then I realized that the printing was not done in A1 size for some reason. I was very angry and panicked, but asked Law out of panic and learned it was okay.



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