M&P: ProjectI: Timeline & Concept

Making Images

Being Divergent!

First Diverging:


Second Diverging:

BackgroundLayer 0

Third Diverging:



First Converging:


Second Converging:




First Stage:


Second Stage:


Third Stage:


Fourth Stage:


Final Stage:


My Concept

It started as the combination of two ideas:

  1. How all opinions and objects are entangled and interconnected
  2. How “always” is never really stable – it’s always prone to transition

Then, I merged these two ideas. It was more personal in the beginning, with the words being very close to my keywords. I was talking about personal shift – my change that allowed me to make this ring. But I was also being general. As you can see, I was very confused myself, on what my concept was.

It became clearer when I changed the words and added a paragraph, I clarified my idea to be the simply the idea of how opinions are all entangled in a sense that one can become another, as well as that opposing sides may have similarities. And therefore, that nothing is really “always.” We are in a state of change – whether that may be opinions, commitment, or beliefs.


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