TypeI: ProjectII: Working through material

Then I tried several materials to work through.

In the beginning I couldn’t choose between the materials. Therefore, I really thought about either what would be visually interesting or more meaningfully and conceptually fit with the word.

When I tried making a format or a size to work with, I realized that Dismal in this typeface was very thin, no matter what. Therefore, I made it a medium font, instead of roman/book. I didn’t go for bold, because it was too much, I felt the medium kept the letter “accents” very similar still, just thicker. Therefore, I decided to go with this.


Then I created these ideas.

The rice was hard to work with because it stuck all around your fingers even when I put water around my hand, the water would get sucked into the rice so quickly and too much water caused the rice to just slip away and not be able to be stuck together to create shapes.


I first tried the rice, I first made quite huge letters, using up a lot of rice… However, I got the advice that it didn’t really look cute.


Then, I looked up images again of lunch boxes.

dsc063202055753835_gywck748_f2015031213365128567203914f2010022611020704077 %e1%84%83%e1%85%a9%e1%84%89%e1%85%b5%e1%84%85%e1%85%a1%e1%86%a82

And decided to try and use the seaweed to my advantage and came up with this. Even if I were to do it again with the rice, I wanted to show the idea of the lunchbox as a lunchbox.


Because at first I felt that the rice was too little if I made them the letters. Then I realized that the letters could’ve been coming out, or dug out of the rice, but this was after I talked to Gajin on the day I brought it in. Anyway, throwing aside my stupidity.


Then, I chose the idea of Christmas lights on transparent paper to work with. I liked this idea because Christmas lights are for Christmas day – a very cheerful day, however, the word it represents is dismal that has an origin of evil days. I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition.


My first tries were somewhat disastrous for all three materials, as you can see the mal with the paper ended up like this:


I realized that the paper that I was using had this very brittle character, that kept ripping when I had to place the tape off and on again on the paper. That was annoying. Then I looked for other transparent paper. Instead of this very mache kind of paper, I used slightly thick and less transparent, transparent paper.

At first I used tape on the inside, but soon realized after trying a bit of light that it didn’t need to be done with tape on the inside, because the tape didn’t show either way. So I stuck it on either side and came up with this.


This is what I ended up with when I put the Christmas lights inside. I had planned to stick each of the light sides on the borders, but I liked the effect of the disorderly Christmas lights. It felt like the happiness was in havoc.


I enjoyed this image as well. The Christmas lights amongst my chaotic room.


The last one I tried was a maze. I created much ideation, and considered the idea of the hedge maze. I wanted to try it, but the visualization I had of this idea was that of a more game-like maze. The ones you work through in a book. So I tried to recreate this, and if it didn’t work I thought I would try the hedge maze.

After this, I also tried playing with shadow a bit, but decided that I would come back to it and work on improving the other letters before I came to this extra idea:



This is what I created:


This took the longest, as you can see, I could not finish three letters like the others. I also felt this was the most difficult problem.


I realized that there were some issues with it, because the maze wasn’t close enough, and the letter was kind of confused within the maze.


I realized that the maze had to be closed up, so I tried redrawing this:


The problem that this took so long was that I had to draw the maze on one side – working out where to draw the lines so that it looked best like the letter, while keeping the feeling of the maze, then I had to repeat these lines on the opposite side because it was tracing paper, and then I could finally transfer it to the foam board.

When we got the critique I had a light bulb because, I thought I fully understood the meaning of a letter being made completely of the material, but I was just sticking it on, trying to fit the letter shape. I got his in the head, because I knew it, but it didn’t occur to me in this way.

We had several discussions in this class. We mainly talked about how the material had to be natural as the material.



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