TypeI: ProjectII: Kerning

I also asked about kerning, because it was essential to my idea from the beginning.

It was here that I finally had a lightbulb about the idea of kerning and the usage of the volume in between the letters. When Law and Leland showed me the spaces in between through the colored boxes, it helped visualize what it meant. It also made so much more sense that the spaces caused largely by the actual form of the letter weren’t greatly included. It was here that I finally really understood kerning.

I got help from Law, as well with the kerning, at this point, and he walked me through it. I got the suggestion to use either all caps or all lowercase letters. I really liked the lower case idea, because although I thought the all capitals would be easier to work with, I didn’t want to lose the dot of the i that looked like a diamond, because it was the reason I chose this word in this typeface. Also, the d being lowercase created a slight visual rhythm, per say, by creating this line by the leg in the beginning then again through the l in the end. Is what I understood when law suggested that the d shape supported the l shape.



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