TypeI: ProjectII: Choosing material and defining results

I chose this material, after talking to because I talked to several people. Gajin told me to use the picnic-rice idea as a backup, because it felt like the answer was kind of already there. This was also something Leland said along the same lines of by stating that the rice idea seemed easier to visualize, even though he hadn’t seen it before, it seemed to be more visually imaginable. Therefore, I decided to go and challenge myself to create a more interesting and unseen image of the word dismal. I worked through the maze.


Then I chose one of the three, because at first my understanding was that I had to choose by the next class and its context. I was panicked to finish a lot, which is why I just began to work on the word. I had first planned to work on another one, but when I had finished the d in dismal, it had taken four hours to work on the actual board, with about 2-3 hours pre planning. So, I had no time between Monday and Wednesday.


I was going to shorten the process this time, by drawing it out backwards, but for the final one I forgot to flip it, and only remembered after the letter d, but I also felt that I didn’t want to flip it and find that it looked visually weird for the final. Therefore, I worked the longer way.

This was me trying to draw a maze on the computer, to then copy it, but I felt it was more complicated for me, to do it this way.


Therefore, I decided to create a grid system:


If you look closely at the print, the lines are along different lines. I had to work out the places the lines had to touch, because the bottom of the s and a, were slightly lower than the D, I, m, and l. As well as the differenced in height. And there was also a problem between the spacing, to make sure the lines didn’t go too tight to make it look weird. I also had to make sure the ends of the horizontal and vertical lines of the letters were accounted for and matched, as seen:


This was me using the print out to figure out how best to bring out the letter. It took me a long time because of the fact that I had to get the letter to look exactly like the original typeface.


Then, I kept checking in between to see if the maze made sure to show the letter correctly, I inserted a page in between:


This is me having to draw on the back, the lines, and the stuff that came out, before I went on to draw it for the correct side, because I forgot to flip it when printing:


This is my finished letter, I had to cut each piece, make sure the length was exactly correct and insert them one by one:


I was very confused, because Law just told me to go for it, when he saw just the d, which made me very flustered and made me forget that I had questions about context. I had a question because mine was kind of using the space around the letter, so I thought it was somewhat difficult to build a context that added, rather than took away from the maze. I was also going to ask whether I should build a difference in levels. But I answered that question by myself, by asking around, and finding out that when you took a picture, levels didn’t really change much or add to the maze.

I also was going to try to make the maze, more like a game maze, by adding people or something inside, however, when I tried taking pictures of just the d, I realized the effect of the colorlessness was creating an effective visual effect, and I found color would rather disturb that.


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