TypeI: ProjectII: Final Printing

Final Printing and Color CMYK and RGB:

At first, I printed, and I asked Ibrahim about scale, so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake, again, from methods and processes. He told me that it’s slightly smaller, because of the border. I asked him why, and he told me he could make it 105%, but that didn’t sound right, because 100% should print the correct size. Anyway, it was the bottom one, it ended up smaller:


Therefore, I went back and did some more contrast, and made the color a bit more consistent:


Then, I printed on an A1 filesize sheet, with an A2sized poster inside of it, so that there was no way of getting the size wrong:


This was the result of the process!



To note, the first one on the bottom was a glossy paper, and the one on the top was semi-glossy. Because I tried the glossy paper, I just wanted to try the semi-glossy, also for personal testing. I found that for this poster, I liked the semi-glossy a bit better, because the greater reflection on the glossy made it more difficult to see, as if it wasn’t all white already.

I also noticed this sense of white transferring to a darker tone, but I was relieved that I had asked Law about how it’s the material reflecting off of it. It was a lesson learned then. I’m glad that I found out about it then, rather than last moment, because I would’ve made a scene and panicked.


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