TypeI: ProjectII: Maze (WordDismal) Results & Critique

Then I kept working on the word during the weekend.


I also realized on Saturday morning casually, that I cut off a slice from my finger, just enough that I wasn’t bleeding, but clearly a line. It was a small bit, but I was dumbfounded that I didn’t know I just cut off completely a bit of my skin. Just to make Leland happy :3.

These are the three stages that I went through:


1. Drawing out a maze

2. Tracing the maze on the other side

3. Tracing the maze onto actual foam board


This is me trying my best to erase, so that I wouldn’t hear that I left pencil marks!


This is a timelapse for my working.

This is the word, by itself:


Then after I finished the word, I planned again to create some bits that came out, taking Law and Lelands suggestions. I worked back into the word. I tried choosing three places (the magic three), and also added bits to some more places so that there was a bit more variation to the shapes. However, when I finished, I felt like something was lacking. It felt like it need something more. Especially, because it didn’t feel like three places that made your eyes move around.


Therefore, I decided to add this little bit on the bottom right corner. I debated where to put this, but I ended up putting it there because I felt that putting it on the top wouldn’t be good, and if I put it on the right, it felt like I was putting too much on the left, and if so I felt as though I’d have the make the top separate maze bigger. So I created it on the right bottom corner. Then, I was able to create this sense of eye movement.

Now I faced the issue of photography.


I took an image at first with the lighting at home. I tried different angles of shadows and thought about how best to go about it.

These were the two that I felt I wanted to show in this class:


I had the first image because I liked how it went from light to dark, because I felt it expressed a slow progression of dismal feeling. However, I also felt that the type wasn’t very clear in it. Which was probably the agreement and reasoning that everyone agreed on this one for.


When Law told me that mine had issues, my mine went gradually blank and blank. I kept having to think about what exactly is wrong. I began to think is it too white? Too plain? Should I have added a context? I panicked, because I couldn’t see what to add to it.

But, it wasn’t that, it was the issue of how best to reproduce the word as image. Therefore, I faced and am facing the issue of photography mainly. An issue of lighting. I discussed later, and received the suggestion that I should use diffused light from both sides and one main light.

We had a discussion on how to take images with a tripod, but also had one about the idea of context.

I felt it was important to create a self-note about how the context should be set up in a way that best suits the work. Therefore, in mine, I didn’t need one. But, it made sense in a lot of other people to create a natural context, to tell a story about the type, the word, and why it would be in this context.


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