TypeI: ProjectII: Final reflection

I think I learned more about how type works, in terms of kerning and the especially the different endings and beginnings, the slightly different heights for each of the words, even though it appears to be exactly on a straight line, which it is, but bits and pieces cross over a bit.

I think playing with material was a very interesting experience, because you really felt and therefore could better understand the type face, how it ends, how it begins to have curves, as well as what makes it the typeface.


Also, I was very interested by today’s discussion on how Pablo Picasso visualized everything. If I may say, I was the opposite, because I had no visualization of how this would turn out. I never really thought about it. I kind of just thought about how to produce the typeface. When I first chose it, I felt I was gambling, because my first tries weren’t making the letter seem like the typeface, so I was worried.

The discussion in class about how our familys react was also very interesting. Even though my mom practices design and she does crazy stuff herself, she kept calling me crazy, as well as my dad and my brother. It wasn’t in a bad way, rather it was nice that they got to see that graphic design is more diverse and interesting, which is something I really got a chance to think about.

I personally really enjoyed this project, because it was fun. I struggled, of course. Everyone did. Some more than others, maybe. But I liked the project. It really made me feel like graphic design could be very interesting. It makes me more excited for whats to come.


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