TypeI: ProjectII: PartII: Sentence

So, we were told to pick eight words. These were mine…



  • Shallow
  • Abundant
  • Desk Lamp
  • Tractor
  • Whistle
  • Travel
  • Woefully
  • Mysteriously


I really wanted to make a sentence out of all 8 words. But it didn’t really work out, here are some:

  1. Using all words, but uninteresting: The shallow tractor whistled woefully towards the mysteriously abundant desk lamp travelling –
  2. Not interesting, not even all words: The woefully travelling tractor whistled mysteriously at the shallow desk lamp
  3. Not really using all words: The woefully moving tractor whistled as he pushed the abundant travelling desk lamps
  4. A sentence Gajin made for me, as we tried to make sentences for each other – to see if it helped: The shallow desk lamp mysteriously whistles woefully as the abundant tractor travels
  5. Linked to my type making project: The woefully travelling tractor whistled to find his shallow lamp peers in a mysteriously abundant maze

I had a hard time, because these words were fancy, and somewhat boring when put together. No matter what structure I changed it to.

Therefore, I ended up adding the new word “Blackhole”, and taking out “desk lamp” to create this sentence:

The mysteriously abundant whistling tractors travelled woefully to the shallow black hole.

Then, I got help to translate it. They found it funny, because as much as it didn’t make sense in English, it didn’t make sense in Arabic. But, they said the sentence worked.

This was it:

.في ظروف غامضة، الجرارات الزراعية مصدرة الصفير سافرت في حالة يرثى لها، إلى الثقب الأسود الضحل

These were my two sentences:


I found it an interesting process, to build the sentence in english, but also to see how things translate to Arabic.


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