M&P: Project002: Audience and Activity

I was very confused about the audience and activity, so I clearly didn’t know where to start. Therefore, I went on pinterest, google, and began to look up a whole bunch about signs in general, to see what I was interested in:


Because I kept getting kind of stuck, I came up with activities or audiences of interest. Then started brainstorming out of there – what signs they would need, what activities are most relevant. The categories were confusing, but it was interesting to see.

I had many more ideas, so I chose the ones that felt had possibility of reaching better audiences or activities.

My ideas were:

1. I first found the signs of “no affection” or “no PDA.” I researched the background as to where it was used. Then, I took it out of this context and placed it in the context of the Middle East. I was interested in this signage for this reason.


2. About the use of cell phones and how they bother group commitments. I find it really annoying to see people in a cafe or restaurant, that are just on their phones when they’re with other people. I don’t see why you’re with the other person then, so I decided to research what people think. My audience first started as 16-25 year olds, because it was stated that they were the group that felt least bothered by mobile phones.


3. About the idea of bathroom signs – how do people fight the idea of gender bias? Do we get rid of the idea of girls and boys? How do we help the transgenders or people that have no specific gender definition? More than the fact that I have an opinion on the matter, it was that I am curious about how we define signs for females and males, as well as the issues that surround it.


4. About the idea of Korean adolescence – Korea has the highest suicide rate. Therefore, I was interested in how this could be prevented etc. So I branched out from adolescence to create some activities for them.


This process made me think about essentially, how signs are used, what signs could be feasible, what audiences need or want signs, as well as how are the signs enforced? It was an interesting process to see how activities can create audiences, and vice versa.


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