M&P: Project002: Material Studies

I researched perspective, for this image below. It was the idea that A family would sit around the table and look at each other, instead of their phone – it did lack the sense of talking, because all you could see was the eyes, but I felt the image was more in setting and more directly saying something, more so than my previous signs.

smaller_7    smaller_6

These are some of my material studies, that generally didn’t work out:


I first began by sketching out all the images that I wanted to portray. Then I thought about how best to show this with which material. Some materials I chose, because of the colors it provided. For example, ink for the local black and white clothes of the Qataris. Otherwise, I chose the red thread, because I read that there was this person who always gave a red thread bracelet because it chased off misfortune, to their family.


I also chose the golf ball because it was a place that my family always went and talked in. This is my process in creating this golf ball family:


I really appreciated in this class, how much material can help create different perspectives and add a layer of meaning. Although different to my original intention, the material helped speak out another intention to the audience.


When Law told me his perspective on my work I was fascinated, and really glad I did a material study. He talked about how the thread is always used for connection, and how that’s what I had been trying to talk about all the time. Also the idea that golf is a sport where many people talk while playing, so it was an interesting connection.

I found this perspective really helpful, because then it clarified it to me to be sure that it was working when looked at by another person – it was communicating better.


The image of the string I chose to further into the five signs, was chosen to talk about was therefore depicting that the phone should disappear (dotted lines) and you should replace it with conversation – the text boxes extending to speech bubbles implies this. Then, I placed a context of tables and chair/sofas, that are often seen in family restaurants, to give it context and setting, as mentioned in last class.

In the end of this process, my images were much more literal – per say or more accurate, and possibly even easier to derive than the signs I made before, because it is better correlated to the message I am trying to convey, therefore, it showed how I had a preconception of what signs should be, which actually made the process more difficult. Therefore, it was good that I had this experience with signs, to break preconceived notions of what something should be.

Also, to add before I got to class, I had to ask Leland, if I was on the right path. This shows how much I believed signs to be something, that when I was trying to experiment with different directions, I was somewhat stuck to this feeing that I was doing something wrong. Therefore, when we came to class and learned that this is what is more interesting, it was really nice to know that we have somewhat endless possibility, and it reminded me that I should keep challenging the extent of different materials.


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