M&P: Project002: One activity, Two Signs

So, we were told to make two more signs, based on one idea, but more actively explored. However, because I had made the same sign over and over again last time, I thought it might do me some good to try and do more than that, to try and get what I was supposed to do by last class.

I also looked up some illustrative styles in the process, to see if I could spark something new:


I brainstormed mainly these four different images:

  1. The idea of LOOK UP
  2. Put your phone down
  3. Have conversations with each other
  4. Talk, Listen, Speak
  5. Come out of your phone


In this part I found myself defining what exactly it was I was trying to tell people to do. But, I was still very lost on how to locate the sign, within the sign, but this lesson helped me put things into setting.

I struggled though, to find these interesting. I had to wonder to myself, about whether the images spoke properly about what I wanted to talk about:


Some things we discussed in this class that stayed with me was:

  • Problem of preconceived notion
  • Problem of flatness
  • Questioning signs – in order to free the mind
  • Use different styles to illustrate sign – MATERIALS
  • REBUS (composite signs)
  • The Abstract needs to have a logical connection
  • Creating context within the sign
  • Is it interesting?

Firstly, my images were confusing in what they were conveying to the audience, people didn’t really get it.

In addition, in this critique I really understood the problems I was facing. Firstly, I had unknowingly trapped myself to this preconceived notion of what a sign should look like. I wasn’t actively thinking to limit myself, but I guess my stereotype was subconsciously there. Because although in my head I was telling myself, remember the last project in using materials, I wasn’t doing it.

This class finally freed something in my mind for some reason, and I was able to think more clearly.

But to be honest, on this day, before I broke into a set of new ideas, I was very depressed, and really wanted to give up on my idea. I was feeling like -this is impossible to express as a sign! I was very frustrated because I didn’t know how to depict something accurately, but I think it was also because I was unclear on exactly what message I was choosing to convey, and exactly what is it that I want to talk about. But, either way, this day helped clarify the direction I wanted to go in – especially the idea of giving it context and setting, helped me jump start a new set of ideas – of a family in a restaurant.


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