TypeI: ProjectII: PartII: Adding Color

These are the ones I posted up:


This was one I chose to discuss:



  • The yellow made the emphasis on it equivalent to the red, despite it being larger
  • It was interesting how the eyes flow, even though the type is far apart, because of the consistent use of color in the middle of the sentence.


  • The allignment should be thought about more though, the baseline and maybe also the length of the full longest line of the smaller font could be equal to the smaller lines on the bigger font.
  • Use consistent margins.

This is one of mine that was chosen for discussion. We discussed about why it would be the third line, and that specific word that came out.

I had to get it translated exactly again, and the word was travelled. It was perfect, because I was trying to get the eye of the reader to travel around the type, so I thought it was a good part to put emphasis on.


Also, to explain color choice, it was the idea that because it says black whole in the last line, I wanted to do the opposite effect, where the black started at the top, because it’s opposite to what it’s saying, but also because it has this effect of disappearing, which was consistent with how the tractors dropped into the black hole.

In this discussion, I felt happier, because I felt like I was understanding a lot more than I had thought.


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