TypeI: ProjectII: PartII: Editing Sentences Part II

This is the way I was working. I used squares, rectangles, lines, to help me align properly. The start was slow and this whole process seemed harder, but it helped a lot to get an idea of what I was supposed to do. I aligned my text with the boxes, then I pasted it without the grids, for the print version.

smaller_3 smaller_6

I tried to look at some Mondrian painting’s and imitate the composition. But it wasn’t really successful, just because a sentence was too small to act as whole blocks of paint:


My main focuses while working were were:

  1. At first, I simply played around with alignment, where I also tried to make sure to continue sentences (at parts the sentence was separated, below each other) in alignment to each other.
  2. I made the font sizes much smaller, to fit usually seen type sizes.
  3. I was also trying to create consistency or multiples for the spacing and font size.

smaller_4 smaller_5

On this day, we talked about, mainly:

  • How words that are bolded, or enlarged in scale, help catch people’s attention – hook
  • Position of text
  • Appropriate size of text
  • Designer as author


This was the one selected:


My intention in this work was:


  • Keeping all alignments good: using similar shapes of words, or the same word in the rightmost example, therefore keeping rhythm. I also used the height of the text, to determine, the alignment in this case.
  • Making the readers eye move around, as according to the content of the text
  • Making composition about one third a way down and right, to make it more interesting
  • Keeping type sizes, reflective of commonly used sizes


Leland perceived:

  • Using quiet typeface for a quiet composition kept good consistency
  • The composition is nice where it is down
  • The movement of words is interesting

I really liked how the quietness worked out, because I felt it helped with this mood of mysteriousness (one of the words in the sentence). So I was glad.


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