M&P: Project002: Editing String

At first, I drew out each Local, Vernacular, Abstract, and Global. I tried to keep the consistency in each image:


Sewing was harder than I thought, and I kept messing up, all of these… The paper was ripping because the paper was too thin, and I’m not that great with sewing.


I kept trying different materials, until I found the more “traditional” Japanese paper to work with. I made holes, with the needle where I needed all the dots, before I sewed, like this. The lines were not that straight, they were slightly crooked, and sometimes the sewing wasn’t very clean, but either way!:


This was the result:


This is the second results, I also made some sketches as seen, to see what I should change my abstract into:


There were these comments throughout this week:

  • Reconsider Abstract: The message isn’t clear or consistent. So I had to keep retrying.
  • Golf balls are not visible: Need to be different string color. Therefore, I looked for the lightest grey string I could, and used that.
  • The lips aren’t clear as lips: I had to research lips again, to get the top and bottom lip shape to be more real.
  • The consistency of using the table: if it isn’t there, get rid of it or put it in all (I chose to get rid of it, because my idea was not limited to family restaurants, but it was about communication)
  • Why not use fabric?: I had an earlier suggestion about using fabrics, but I couldn’t find a white fabric that was really texture anymore than the paper I already had. And I already liked the texture of the traditional paper, because it created a less digital feeling.

These are the changes in my four throughout these week (the local didn’t need changing):



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