TypeI: ProjectII: PartII: Final Editing

For the A4, I chose to bring this to class, I just edited the gradients a bit, so that I had 30%, 50%, and 70%, rather than 25%, 50%, 75%, because I thought that might help with the way the gradient appeared to drop vastly, and almost have no gradient change, until the last line:


As for the A3, I tried several options.

I tightened and resized this, as well as changed the font, to create what I felt was a better composition:


I’m not sure if this was better before or after, but either way I felt it was awkward:


This I felt didn’t work out either times, because it wasn’t interesting, nor didn’t look thoughtout, though it was aligned and everything.


At this point, I really felt like type was full of uncertainty, some things felt like it worked out and others didn’t feel like they did. I could assume and suggest reasons why, but I experienced that sometimes it was hard to be very definite.

This was a short discussion, on how the text should be aligned with the end of the last word, rather than making this awkward pyramid shape.


These are the ones I brought in for this layout, I personally thought it worked best too, which is why I played with the color most on it:


I was suggested to use the spacing on the left and the placement and colors on the right:


  • I had made it grey, because I was trying to create visual balance to the three sections. (I also felt the grey color represented subtly what the specific line said (into the black hole – So it was as if it was dissappearing)
  • The reason I chose to scale the last bit of the sentence, is because I felt it was most interesting, and therefore, I wanted to create emphasis on it.
  • I chose black as the background, because of the idea of the black hole, and also because of the high contrast between black and white. I found less reason to use any other color than black.
  • I created three parts, taking the idea of mondrian, and the idea of sectioned shapes – or in my case bits of text, to split the page.
  • It was also to create a kind of jump in the eye of the viewer, to make the eye move, as it is about travelling.
  • I also realized after I created it, but the space between the smaller white text is creating somewhat of a hole, and it’s about the tractor falling into a black hole, so I found it a nice visual connection.

This is me editing the more tightly spaced text onto the bottom of the page.


The Margin on the left and bottom was equivalent. Also, I took the spacing that I created between the two baselines, to make it the right margin.

Furthermore, the font was chosen based on the size of the font. Because, I had the intention of creating a connection in sizes of the three components, I had to experiment to see different fonts. Therefore, I made the smaller font 20, and made the larger one 60, but because it wasn’t exact, I changed the 60 to 62, so that it would align from the end of the right small part, and the end of the second small part.


When Law and Leland saw the comparison of the white and grey, they agreed on the white. I think that the white was good in the way that it didn’t drown in the black. I felt it was more visually interesting to better move the eye around 3 different areas of text.

I also felt that the tighter leading or spacing between the smaller text and the bigger text, for some reason, felt better, I felt the tighter fit felt more like it was hugging and really fitting into each other like puzzles. It made the text read better on the page, I felt.


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