M&P: Project002: Finals Edits

This was my sketch for my abstract editing. I wanted to make the lips come out of the tail of the text box, but to keep true to how the text box looks on text and make a good shape, wasn’t working, so I changed it to making the lips a text message sent.

I changed the abstract again, because there was a comment that the original abstract wasn’t clear, so it wold be better if it was just saying communicate as a text message, which is actually somewhat ironic, now that I think about it:


This is my working process, At first I thought to keep it with lines going across, to show that it was threads, like how I did the local majlis, but then decided to fill it in:


I had to fill it in a bit on photoshop, however, because the paper was ripping slightly, so I just filled in a bit of the white spaces.


And because I was planning to create the background texture more prominently, I had to edit out the strings:


I fixed some alignment issues:


Because the texture wouldn’t show up, when I printed the normal scan version, I had to edit the string out and place it onto another scan of the texture, but the texture was scaled and scanned at a higher percentage, so that the texture would be more apparent:


But, then there was this slight gradient, so I had to change the section of white:


Then, I color corrected, because the printer was printing a strange mixture of yellow and blueish colors of white within the same print.


There were many color problems:


This is a color comparison, I tried changing the levels a bit, and the one that had the best consistency, was the one on the left.


There was also the inevitable boogers:


And when I thought I was almost there… someone left a water bottle open and woosh! al;shf;ashogj. -.-


Either way, I printed again and cut, and I was fascinated that I put too much pressure and broke off the tip of the blade:


There was also some yellow on the printer, so it came off on the paper, but I don’t think it visibly affected the image:


I think this process really made me consider working back and forth between the digital and the analogue. I should test how things look when printing a texture. Also, technically, I could’ve sewn down one line, then repeated it to create the rest of the phone. It would’ve been a much simpler process, possibly.


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