M&P: Project002: Printing Tries

I made two different sets using two different papers, I found that the paper influenced the color as well:


The one on the right was more yellow and the one on the left has a stronger bluish tone.


The five different images, their meaning and their ratio in persuasive, poetic, pragmatic.

1st: Vernacular: Using the idea that during golf, people generally have a lot of time together. Therefore, I’d like to talk about how you should be paying attention to the other person, rather than your phone. I think it is 30% persuasive, 50% poetic, 20% pragmatic. I gave a lot to poetic because the golf balls are not a very realistic situation, as well as the invisible phone floating with the text boxes, however it is still pragmatic to a certain extent because the aspects (golf ball, tee, grass) in the image are all based on reality. I think it is a very poetic persuasion. It’s persuasive because the phone disappearing and the text boxes extending to the two figures talking is pretty clearly stating to do one over the other.

2nd: Concrete: The same idea of the invisible phone, but I chose lips, because I’m trying to persuade people to talk. This is therefore 70% persuasive, 20% pragmatic – because it’s based on real life objects, 10% poetic because of the way the phone is implied and how things are floating.

3rd: Abstract: This was the one I changed the most. I started from trying to connect the pointy end of the lips to the text box shape, but went through trial and error, to finally get a text box that has an “emoji” per say of a mouth talking, somewhat ironic, but it’s telling people to talk, by text. But the situation helps make the connection between my other images. 60% persuasive, 10% poetic, 30% pragmatic. I’d say it’s slightly poetic in using different material and a non-existent emoji in place of existing emojis that actually go in a text box, but it is still a text box making it pragmatic. But I think it is largely persuasive, because of how the two things are put together.

4th: Global: Because of the binary oppositions, I changed the concrete and global images, because the image was more closely related to the local one, as well as the shape of the lips being more consistent in the concrete and abstract the way I sorted them in the end. I realized that you have to think of one, along with the other for the local-global, and abstract concrete. I’d say this was 60% pragmatic 35% persuasive, 5% poetic. It’s only slightly poetic because of the phone’s invisible lines, and mostly persuasive and pragmatic, because it is pretty clear that the two people are talking in speech bubbles in place of text boxes. It is subtly persuasive.

5th: Local: This was pretty easy after I had created the global one, but I did reconsider making the chairs more majilis like – though it’s not the way they are in restaurants here most often, it was a way of clearly representing a locality of the majilis. Also, I abstracted the colors of the majilis for the chairs. I’d say the pragmatic, persuasive, poetic ratios are pretty similar, except, the poetic goes slightly higher, just because of the way the majlis colors are abstracted and simplified.

I also experimented with using the black, because I was curious as to how that would turn out!:


I posted the less bluish colored one:



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