M&P: Project002: Final Reflection

What are signs? I think this project fundamentally broke a existing thought I had of signs. Though I was telling myself that everything was a sign, when I was trying to create one, I was going back to the traffic signs, for one reason or other. I really appreciate how this project interrupted and really broke it into my head, that there are more possibilities for signs, as well as images.

In addition, this process helped me reconsider, really how we communicate to people. During the whole process, I was thinking about how effective this sign would be to one audience, as opposed to another. In the beginning, I had to debate using the smartphone as the phone because I felt this was limiting my audience to a certain set of people that owned smartphones, however I did it based on my experience both here and in Korea, that the people I see in family restaurants, are more than likely smartphone users. But, this also helped to specify my audience to a certain group of people.


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