TypeI: ProjectIII: Final Reflection

Did you like it? I liked the structure that lies in type. I personally enjoyed this process. Though I found it tedious in the very beginning. I found it fun to play with the way words should be placed on the page. I think I found it fun, because I really felt like I was learning as well, though. When I looked back on how I’ve improved, I hope that I can keep improving this way. I think for me, because I struggled with articulating why I like or dislike something in type, this was an difficult, yet interesting process. Also, I really liked it when Law said that Type is the form of expression that makes us most different. It made me think differently about the way type is used in graphic design.


How does this project influence you in your future? I think it really helped add a layer to how I will organize type. Because especially in the M&P project 1, I had thought that I needed to know how to deal with longer type. I felt that it was a useful process to go through and experience and learn what is good/bad layouts for type. It really made me think about how type is used, how type can be used, and how type should be organized with proper intention.

Also the idea that design is informed decisions based on trial and error, research, experimentation, and refinement, was a very good idea to clarify. I felt that whatever I learned here, I could keep using through my other projects, even if they were not for type class.

It really makes me start to appreciate that type is an organic “thing” that is o-live.


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