M&P: Project003: Deconstruction

When we were told to choose a book, movie, or music album, I for one reason or other really wanted to do a music album, but I couldn’t find one that talked about something I was interested in.

Therefore, I began to think about my favorite books or movies, being the hunger games and Mulan consecutively. I chose to do the hunger games, simply because it opened itself up for more topics that I was interested in.

These are my four A3’s, that I brainstormed on, for the hunger games:


I even looked up websites online, for some concepts that they believed were representative, just in case I forgot something, that’s where I got things like schadenfreude.

Some concepts…

  1. Rebellion
    1. Mockingjay – Spies – Mutation – Backfired
    2. Double Suicide – Winning game itself – reprecurssions & Appearance – image is everything
  2. Districts – Capitol, separation – category – role – hierarchy
  3. Reaping/Drafting – Selection, volunteer, force, sacrifice, tribute – to the capitol
  4. The Hunger Games itself
    1. Honor or not? – Society and class – money changes how you see world – glory and fame?
    2. Schadenfreude (happiness from others’ misfortue – arena – blood lust
    3. Reminder – capitol’s mercy
    4. Entertain – people forced to watch
  5. Dehumanization
    1. Intentional/planned – becomes norm
    2. Freedom – expression – punishment, restriction, propaganda & non-existent – mistrust of one another

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