M&P: Project003: Concept talk and Group discussion

So we were somewhat backstabbed…

After we discussed our concepts without a bit of a doubt, we were put into groups following these ideas:


Then our individual groups began to discuss each of our books or movies. There was the option of divergent = Hierarchy, Kill Bill = Revenge, The Godfather = Family Mafia, of which only the last one was unclear because Ebi didn’t know how to explain it. Therefore, we had to choose of the three concepts, revenge, hierarchy, and schadenfreude (pleasure from others’ misfortune). We discussed how we could best incorporate all of our interest, and we had mainly chosen the hunger games book in itself, because we felt it could be flexible in its change of concept, accordingly.

But, others in the group felt interested enough in the schadenfreude to pursue it. When the group began to lean, I had to back off the discussion a bit, because I didn’t want to influence the choosing of my idea.

By the end of this class I asked that we each come up a certain amount of ideas, and the group concluded on 3-5 ideas for the next classed based on the topic.

Individual work:

In the beginning, I had a mental breakdown, because I really felt we had chosen the wrong topic to express in a experience. I was having a difficult time really getting ideas out about the concept of schadenfreude.

Therefore, in the beginning I did two things:

  1. Researched online about schadenfreude 1-11-2
  2. Asked people about what brings them misfortune/happiness:3

Then I sketched some ideas:

smaller_9 smaller_8 smaller_7 smaller_4 smaller_

The ideas here:

  1. Separating two sections, where one person chooses to keep one, give one, where one object is good and the other is bad
  2. Creating an flipping image that shows scenes of schadenfreude happening in a cycle from one person to the next, to the next to the other.
  3. The idea of putting string or paper out from one side which has goodness, and then when you walk over to the other side, you realize you’ve been pulling out bits of a smiley face
  4. Having a podium for 1st 2nd 3rd place
  5. Having a board with Grades that limit amount of A’s, getting everyone to choose
  6. Having a person choose to get different items on a wall , and then when you reveal what’s beyond the wall, you realize you’ve been taking away from some other child
  7. Competition between 2: two people walk through space, where each station lets you get one of the two options – race to get it, then in the last section you get to give what you don’t want to the other person.

I also asked some other people about examples of what brings them happiness from other people’s misfortune, and they kind of concluded that these are petty things:

  • When your standing in line and someone had cut them, but then they drop their drink
  • When someone tries to take your parking spot, but you get it in the end

Therefore, it’s the idea of image making.

  • Another person also suggested that I looked at oddly satisfying videos, for some ideas of how to make someone satisfied or unhappy, but this became very abstract, and uncontrollable I thought.


My summary of the idea of schadenfreude, to help me in the process of making the concept:


I was very panicky during this situation, and I even asked my group members if we should quickly change our concept, because it was very difficult to conduct, but they said no, it should be fine. I guess I should’ve really thought about it here, and reconsidered because our concept was a very difficult one.

I tried to research about projects that dealt with schadenfreude, but all I could find was examples of this in entertainment. And as Latifa mentioned this specific example when we started to think about the idea, I looked it up as well.


I was really struggling to produce an idea.

Group work:

We collected together and began discussing about our ideas that we brought in, some brought in the required amount, some brought less.

In the beginning we took turns to discuss each of our ideas. I began to write down and sketch for myself what I thought was interesting out of each of our ideas, and I also drew on the board to help me clarify my ideas:


Firstly, the ideas people brought in:

  1. Hedgehog competition – one is winning one is losing – a game
  2. Glass box installation – broken at bottom, more structured at top
  3. Vending machine – you are given tears (other people’s misfortune)
  4. Mirror and looking at yourself with a smiling mirror, while you have to stand on top of a dead person figure to look at yourself

My ideas that they liked:

  1. The idea of the competition between two people
  2. The idea of pulling the string out, when the opposite side is a smiley face.

Then we began to talk about a new idea altogether – of the idea of two jelly beans containers. Where one person eats a bad one, and something good happens, or good sounds come out to the other people.

One thing I learned about myself was that I needed to confirm that an idea was good from all people. I didn’t want to be dominating an idea without agreement from the others, because as much as it is important for me, it should be important to them.

Therefore, I found it most annoying to have people that wouldn’t share their thoughts about something. Or would even say that they don’t want to explain their own book. I was trying to respect everyone in my group, but by someone not stating their opinion, it felt like I had to disregard them, and I think I personally don’t like disregarding an opinion, because that was my opinion on groupwork – input from all people is important.

Then after our discussion with the professor, we decided on the idea of creating a game between two people, where this is kind of the structure I was beginning to imagine, and I drew out to talk about:


We then began to brainstorm what this game would be, to make the idea come across most accurately through this kind of game.

Therefore, the homework I asked my peers was to come up with a game, product, and twist ideas. I didn’t want to specify so that my peers would not be limited to a certain idea, because I felt our idea was still very unclear, so I let it be. But, Ebi really just looked at finding different games to be played, but then again, maybe the idea only seemed unstable to me?

I chose to table and section the different aspects to be game, product, and twist (to make them realize the concept), because I felt this would bring all of our ideas together, later on:



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