TypeI: ProjectIV: Reflections on Type

The main things that I got from the process was learning about hanging punctuation, characters per line, and tracking. Hanging punctuation, when I first learned about it in class was just very satisfying. Just how the paragraph lined up made me feel happy about how it looked.

As for characters per line, I think it was with the paragraphs, more than the sentences that the sense of what is “long” and short really came to me. I actually began to really feel what that meant because of the experience of reading it. And I really agreed with the importance of it, and therefore, the first thing I did when I got that from the first critique is that I just spent about an hour or so on just playing with character length, how commas end small words looking like a widow, how words like “to” are the end of the sentences that cut off to the next line.

The grey area was also something I thought about in books I’ve read. I always found myself to read some books better than others, and that has to do with grey area and leading. Although I still don’t know it well, I understand that some books that have very dark font make it exhausting for the eye. This was something I found really interesting and exciting actually.

I also had an ahah moment with the rags, and how I really began to understand what was bad rags – the idea of rags that are shaped like continents or thumbs, or as if someone took a bite out of it.

So, to talk about my choices, I mainly chose these two, because I felt that they broke the page up in better formats than others. They broke the page up without complicating and confusing the eye of the viewer.

They had clarity in how to read in direction, which meant I was really beginning to be conscious about how people read, which meant I was learning about the ways in which to make something comfortable, easy, “invisible,” by doing paragraphs that didn’t do this. Therefore, I think I always try to do more for the projects that require us to do a lot of numbers. Also, I felt both of them gave a visual cue for the reader to get where the text starts.

The A3 one:

It created some tension I think with the way there was a lot of breathing room for the left side of the page, and then pretty close with the right side. I enjoyed the composition, in how the top pararagraph was in center from top to bottom almost, but it didn’t feel that way, because of the way the other sentences were lower on the bottom. it was nice because the eye was really moving around, but without any kind of awkwardness or pauses to try and figure out the reading direction. It was nice how there was 4ish 3 parts that the eye mainly moved around.

The A4:

I enjoyed how the first sentence really expressed what the whole paragraph, or what I wanted to convey most from the entire paragraph because it was the reason for choosing the paragraph. Also it was nice how the source credits were balancing out the first line that stuck out. I also felt that the paragraph worked nicely on the top of the page. I liked it particularly because it was a simple movement that made it visually more interesting.



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