M&P: Project003: Finalizing Concept

Individual work

Then because I was very iffy about the whole thing, I found myself thinking and thinking again about what was happening. Then, I thought to make this general sketch of how people will play one vs. one.


These are sketches I created, then, put on illustrator to clarify the images and some of the text:


I kept thinking that it was hard to get people to feel happy!!! then unhappy… Especially because we can have some very unexcited people in the classroom.

Group discussion

This group discussion went down terribly. I was first talking to Maha and Latifa about my ideas during a break and they were for the idea. Ebi came late, and then disagreed with what was happening, which explains all these pencil lines!


I began to get personally very frustrated, because I felt that I was the only one concerned about what was happening. I had to wonder at this point, am I the only one nervous about the idea? Even though it wasn’t true, or at least I’d hope, in all honesty, I felt this way at this point.

But, when I reevaluate the situation. They are not me. I am not them. I cannot expect them to feel the same way, nor can I expect them to come up with what I would like them to. I think I realized this most, when Ebi asked me, “why didn’t you tell us you were creating these diagrams? It feels like we didn’t know anything.” I was dumbfounded at this question, because it’s an expectation for me, that I think about how to improve ideas, especially when it’s clear the idea is not clear to a point. I didn’t understand why it was my fault, that I worked hard to think about different ways to improve the idea.

I suggested we add music towards the end, and Ebi said she would take the role, then when I said something else, she said she would do that too, so I told her, we’re a group, we can split things we need to buy, but she said that she was going anyway, so I let her be. s

I felt that in general, our conversations just weren’t going well. No one was understanding each other. We each had way too different ways of thinking and understanding.

Then when we talked to Law and Leland during the class, we found something interesting. The game of tug of war. It sparked a conversation amongst us about how we should bring the game amongst everyone, not a separate game for each two people. I believe this works a lot better, just in how it represents the the hunger games.

One main thing we learned in this conversation was that we were actually supposed to bring in the original book into the conceptual development of it.

Then our group began to develop it, but the homework was to each come up with our ways of conducting it.

We also debating doing a spoon game where the people would have to hold a spoon and go around, until each player goes – and then they win. But I felt that tug of war just had a feeling of togetherness that was just so much better, because the hunger games for me, has a sense of false community.

As we can see here, scribbles and scribbles, of me trying to deliver my ideas, and how I’m picturing something:


The people are working together, but they are technically in competition – as each person doesn’t want to be chosen. Also, it reflected how Peeta and Katniss were trying to win as victors together, but then the rules changed on them again – they were never going to let two winners happen. A false togetherness is what is represented in the book, for me.


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