M&P: Project003: Laying structure out

I guess I still felt like the concept was somewhat confusing, I decided to discuss it again with some other peers, out of graphic design. The discussion made it clear that I was confusing them with the original idea. Therefore I began to think about the structure like this:

  1. Boys (4) and Girls (19) pick out of jar
  2. 2 boys are on one team, 2 boys are in another team, girls are spread, and one team with only girls is made of 5, not six. The gloves should be removed, only the rope should be shifted to the side a bit (one of the teams that has 2 boys. This means the people start with thinking that the game is unfair, no matter what.
  3. Then the game starts. One winner, most likely that the team with guys will win. They go get their prize, which tells them to give it up, then they give it to the others. They open, while we pop party equipment into the sky. Saying congratulations while they feel annoyed about the bad prize.

The spectators (us) are there watching the game, with popcorn, dressed in a particular way – this is what’s differentiating the unhappy and the happy.

The gifts are given in garangao bags, because it gives a sense that this is a positive snack – what you typically get in garangao, but then you see an empty bottle with burnt bread.

The idea is that unfairness and annoyance was something that they would definitely feel. Everyone would end up questioning and being frustrated at having to have played the game, which is exactly what we want. The unfairness is what leads to the feeling of misfortune.

In a more conceptual way, I thought to deliver unfairness, because I strongly felt that happiness from other peoples’ came very naturally in the format of privilege and lack of fairness in life. In social status particularly, those with high statuses, for example CEO’s often benefit from making the workers work for very low money. Or when one person has more privilege over the other, you are already feeding off someone else’s misfortune.

Then I discussed this the next time we met.

I talked to each person in the order they came. And the first two agreed with what I said, but one didn’t. Changing the concept in my head is too easy, to getting others to agree.

One person began to question why I was changing the rules a bit every single time. I was frustrated, because I thought it wasn’t a big change, but I understood that it was my way of working vs. hers.

I was just suggesting that we change who to put on each team, so that we can best communicate the idea. This made me think about myself, in that I’m a person that endlessly thinks about my project. Maybe, I was the only one that felt like it needed improvement.

Especially in this case, because I will still feel nervous until we go through the process of conducting it, because of the nature of the installation we chose to do – a game. Because of its dependency on the participants, I was anxious.

So then remembering advice from a friend that is no longer a student at VCU, I tried to do a process of voting, and asked the group to vote, and even if it would be 2 vs 1, and 1 undecided, or 3 vs 1, one person felt strongly about all choices. The vote is a process I chose because I didn’t want to keep debating the same topic, and because it was a group it made sense. And then, when we would try to conclude, she would say fine, you guys do what you want – in a way that clearly read a negative attitude. And I know that I cannot ignore this kind of comment, and this actually really annoyed me. Either way, because I couldn’t let this happen I said to keep the gloves idea. I understood that I was a person that needed to consider and really proceed everyone’s opinions, because this is important to me. Therefore, I conceded my opinion, because I felt that she was too adamant about it. When I rethink it, I was stupid, but either way.

So the end of the discussion was that:

  1. The idea of two teams of girls of 5 and 6 people, then two teams of 6 with two boys, then one team out of these two with one more advantage
  2. Ended with the advantage being gloves, not placement of rope – I wanted the rope placement because I felt that it was more in keeping to the game of tug of war, so I thought it was conceptually stronger, but we decided on the gloves because it was visually clear.

I think the reason I was even less accepting to this was because I am a person that finds importance in completing work and showing up on time most and this wasn’t always happening with this person.

But, I do admit, I think I am a person that might make the other people in my group suffer, in that I keep developing time and time again, and keep changing it, making it harder for the people to keep up. I think it was the case with this project, because of the fact that it was difficult to control, the installation would depend on the following participants.

In opposition to how much I was thinking about changing this, improving this, I felt that I was the only one that was doing this. Maybe I was the only one that felt it needed fixing, but this was the case from the very beginning process of idea building, so I felt that I somewhat had to depend on myself a lot, even if it was a group. I thought that the group would support the procedure of making and getting the materials.


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