M&P: Project003: Rope Working

Then, in this class we discussed with Law and Leland how to go about making things unfair for the people. At first we thought to give the group of diamonds – representing luxury district in the hunger games, the gloves, the gear – transportation district in the hunger games the advantage of placement of the rope closer to their side – to make them win.

The discussion ended in how we should do this, if we felt that it would support our message, so we had to think about our opinion

I personally thought to come up with this system because of the idea that unhappiness may be a difficult concept to directly deliver to my peer classmates, but that unfairness was much easier.

It was also the idea that represented how in the hunger games, there were these variations during the game, where depending on your district, you are given certain advantages during the game.

The one debate throughout this week was how exactly to choose the shape of the middle object, but we thought that the polygon, would be better than the circle, which was better than the square. I suggested the polygon because the polygon is honestly, more feasible, and we would do a 12-sided one that represented the number of districts in the first book.


So then I suggested we first work on the rope, because it’s the most important!

The rope took more time than we expected. At first in this class, Maha, Latifa and I worked out where the rope would tie in the middle, and here’s me cutting through the rope with an exacto, it was more possible than expected, but it was rather quite difficult:


Rope wasn’t as easy to work with, the ends came untied, and the rope itself was very curly:


Then we tied the middle, after figuring out the middle of the two cut ropes:


After we figured out the first set of knots togetherish, Latifa Maha and I each took care of the other three ropes.


I finished first after helping a bit, and took a break, while they worked to finish up!!!


I was flustered that one person wasn’t here, because she was doing the grabbing of materials, we asked her to do by the class, during class. And I wasn’t trying to emphasize her absense by talking to the professor, but either way, this was frustrating, that there was no communication. I suppose I am a person that wants things on time notwithstanding the circumstances and that expects to know what’s going on – I like being aware of what is happening for the project.

But these knots were soon to be changed again, in the second class, when we laid it out in the saffron hall. We found that the rope was too long, so we just decide to make it slightly more uncomfortable for the people and make them closer to each other, but it still seemed to be enough space. So we retied…!

It was also kind of interesting because at this point, we were considering putting one guy on each team, so we tied only the guy further away from the other girls. It was sort of frustratingly concerning that the girls would be very sensitive about being next to the other guys. Because at first we had just distanced everyone, but now it was just the last knot.


Then we cut off the extra bits of rope, which was much more difficult this time, for some reason, I figured it was because the rope had become somewhat looser.

Then, this is us trying to figure out how to place the vinyl on the floor, I felt it looked weird in the middle, so I changed it to the end, and the group agreed.


Then I created these on the computer. I went through several of these to ensure that people wouldn’t be able to see inside, and to make it easier for us to make.

smaller_21smaller_22 smaller_23smaller_4

Then, when we talked in the group, Latifa mentioned that they had a sticker in the middle, so we taped it using a bit of vinyl. I really appreciated that Latifa remembered and documented these details, because it helped make our decisions faster.


At this point, I decided to just work and work, according to the work I felt I needed. I’d ask members to get something, but I decided that it was easier to just oversee everything. I would kind of lead and say let’s do this, let’s do that, lead the procedure for working, and then we would do the physical workings together. I felt that without noticing it, I had been taking the role of the leader, I suppose I did notice it earlier, but I really began to feel it, when conversations were always, continuously starting from my questions and the things we need to do.


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