M&P: Project003: Working on Vinyl

At first, we planned to do everything on the machine, but that didn’t work. So, we worked around it, and began cutting and drawing by hand:


I drew out these before I came in to make the process faster for us, at first I had said that we should each make our versions, but I suppose I didn’t clarify it enough, so we went with adjusting my design. At first we were thinking of vinyl cutting, so this seemed more viable, but because we had to do something different now, we decided to fill in the designs, to make it easier to cut:


Even these simple shapes needed an explanation, and it really read to me that communication sometimes need to be treated like a baby. It needs to have not 1,2,3, steps, but 1, 1.1., 1.2 steps. When I began to think like this, it was easier and less frustrating to explain ideas.

We first had to debate on color, we were sure to use blue for the fish, green for the leaf, but we were unsure of what to use for the gear and the diamond.

Ebi and I debated whether to use black for gear and grey/silver for the diamond, or the gold for diamond, and grey/silver for the gear.


We chose to do gold and silver, because we were also discussing how to play the game, and we decided that we would make it visibly unfair. One team would get gloves, one team would get a line that is closer to the middle than the rest:


I started the question about how and where we would indicate the area for a certain group, and we decided not to do squares, because Maha said it might be confusing for the audience, if that they may feel they cannot go outside of this line. Therefore, we began to work to create an area that is filled with one big shape and smaller shapes. The communication of an idea, that was very simple, was very hard when getting it across to another person. We had to color coordinate and everything, and the other person still wouldn’t understand me sometimes, or vice versa.


Everyone took a shape. I was in charge of the leaves. I made multiple, and I kept getting frustrated especially with the white ones that I stuck on, because they were thin, so they would keep rolling up and I’d have to cut them again. And when it was in this large scale, it was also hard, and it ripped, as you can see on the image on the very right, but I received the opinion that it was okay, because it would be on the floor, and we had other things to do, so I stopped here.


Because I sketched the original signs for the four, I understood it the most, so I helped Ebi draw out the gear shape, but when I tried to cut it, into a large circle, so I could visualize better, she would really be against it, because she said that it felt like I was already doing a lot of her work. For me, it’s better if I do a little more of something than something failing, or rather, I didn’t really think I was doing her work. Because it’s a group project, so it should be done collectively, now if she wasn’t working at all, I would care, but it wasn’t the case, so I didn’t mind. But this showed me that I was a person that liked to have more certainty than not, about what was happening with the project.

She also said she chose it so that other people don’t argue or complain, but I reminded myself of how she said she’s had issues before in group projects, so I let it be.


Then, I tried to help configure the diamonds, as well. The small ones, for one reason or other looked weird int he beginning, so I removed it, and re-taped them. Latifa suggested we make the lines thinner, so she cut them, and then I was trying to figure out the neatest and nicest way to work out the white lines:


This working time, was a very interesting one, in that I began to learn more about each of my group members. We began to talk about our thoughts of our group. It was interesting, because I learned more about them. I also received the opinion that I was somewhat of a perfectionist, which I disagree with very much, but it also made me think about what makes me be looked at, in this way.

This day was an interesting day in conversation, because I learned that my image to my group members is I guess somewhat critical. Because my group members said that although she was really tired, she was reminded of my face and came to uni. I found it very funny, but it made me think about what kind of person I was and what made them think this. I asked at the moment if I had done something, but I suppose it was because I was just a time hard-working person.

These were our four main shapes:


Mess!!! —————————————–> Clean!!!


In all honesty, I wasn’t sure that this is what they imagined for the vinyl, but it’s what I saw in my head and what I planned, so I went with it.

Then this is me trying to burn the bread, luckily we had a barbeque party, so I took the opportunity to use the grill barbeque. There was the group opinion that the first bread was too burnt, so I burned another set of bread that was only a bit burnt on the top and bottom:



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