M&P: Project03: Working day

Then we began to work on the 12 sided polygon/dodecagon. Latifa and I figured out the lengths of the shape and started to cut, while Maha joined us to cut the rest.


Then, we began to stick it on the floor, it was so confusing to create a geometric shape, especially because it wasn’t matching with the floor tiles. Therefore, we took a long time, and then we started to use the red string, to mark off the lengths each side should be, then it was able to go much more smoothly.


Then, after seeing how the rope was laid out – even this was up to a lot of debate, simply because of how much space we needed for the people to pull back, so our original marks were changed. I felt like I was slightly confusing people when I suggested to tweak these kind of things, but we concluded that it was better.

Then we stuck on the 4 shapes of the districts in each area:


Finally, we tied the rice bag on the rope, at a distance, so that it could be dragged over the line.


This was the garangao bags, but then Ebi mistook the numbers to be 16, instead of 18. So Maha went and bought them again.


I think at this point I had to wonder if I was communicating really badly. Because some people didn’t understand to bring all the materials early, then didn’t get the numbers, but then the other people did. I realized that we were starting to have a problem with one person not paying attention to the group discussion.

I was wondering if she wasn’t paying attention when we were talking, or what it was, but I was mainly frustrated that we weren’t able to finish this again.

I have a tendency to need to grab everyone’s ears and eyes to talk to them. Simply because I feel this is an important part of communication.

Then we cut the center piece as a black circle – to make sure it was neutral:




WE also tested out the sounds, we collected music on this day, we all looked for music, and then finally found three soundtracks that worked. One person was supposed to get the music, she was so excited to do so for one and a half weeks, but… we chose it on this day.

We also worked out the order of what to say. I wrote it here again, after writing it by hand, because no one could read my writing:


WE practiced and then edited it, so that it would be clear. We had to have a hole discussion of whether people knew the game of tug of war… So we had to add the instructions to the speech. I at first thought, there wasn’t much to say, but for the control of the game, we decided to specify and say more things.

We all had to try out costumes, for the day :’), it was strange looking for clothes:



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