TypeI: ProjectV: Putting Poster Together

This is my working process for the five we were told to do.

I started in the beginning, by going back to the work I had done for the previous project and used them to put into the poster. Then, I kept playing around, and made some later that were created as separate from the previous works.


I received a very short discussion. Suggestions about no gradient, using the shape of the forms, rather than awkwardly trying to insert them to fit into the image space. Thinking about placement and layout of the logo. The main thing I felt from this conversation was the idea that I should not insert text into a space.


The main discussion points from other people’s discussions included:

  1. Consider alignment more carefully
  2. Consider font size – this was something I had to problem with, just because I kept reminding myself that the font size shouldn’t be increased greatly, it also has to do with my personal preference of small type, I think
  3. We were all – oh this includes me – told that we all cornered the small logo box, and we had a discussion about how it shouldn’t be treated as this extra thing that has to be added, but it can be used as another interesting design element.
  4. Reconsider using the colors of the image as you font color
  5. The box behind the text can create an interesting effect – I personally never liked it, so the conversations about it was interesting

Then, I again debated between several that I created again. I asked my peers, organize my thoughts again, then again the professor. I debated on how I should arrange and position the texts on the page. I tried to create this triadic relationship between the three, so that the eye moved around the page.


It was interesting because the way I used type on the poster, ended up being very similar to my previous compositions. But, they were clearly rearranged for this poster, so I thought it was fine. It was somewhat unintentional though, I just really liked these compositions again.

There was an awkward debate on the colors I should use for the text. At first I really liked the grey kind of shade that was taken from the actual image. However, I felt that because of the black and white logo(?), it was better to keep the text all black. Law also agreed, which made me very happy that I saw it right.




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